David is a huge fan of Ulysses by James Joyce. His background is not as a Joycean scholar but rather as a musician (a guitarist and singer). He first read Ulysses in 2009 and soon afterwards organised a reading group in his local pub where the novel was read aloud every Tuesday for the following five years. During this period David read many books about Joyce and his work, as well as going around the novel itself a dozen times.
Dublin is David’s hometown and a city he has always loved but reading Joyce transformed Dublin in his eyes and made it magical. It is this magic that David loves to share with people on his acclaimed walking tours.  

David is a Director of Sweny’s Pharmacy. David’s tour is recommended by Joe Darcy, an excellent private tour guide in Dublin, Ireland who is endorsed by Rick Steves, America’s leading authority on European travelDublin Ulysses Tours is the proud winner of the Luxury Travel Guide’s Unique Tour Operator 2017.