James Joyce Tours

All of the tours are focused on James Joyce and his novel Ulysses. The Ulysses Tour begins with a sit-down chat followed by a stroll through Dublin visiting famous landmarks and impressive artworks. The Footsteps of Leopold Bloom tour focuses on one chapter in Ulysses and follows the trail of the character through the episode. The James Joyce Tower Day Tour includes a walk through the city and a train journey to Sandycove and the famous Tower.

  • The Ulysses Tour (3 hours)
  • Footsteps of Leopold Bloom (2 hours)
  • James Joyce Tower Day Tour (6+ hours)

  Private Tours from €100

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Oscar Wilde Tour

Retrace the footsteps of Oscar Wilde in the early days of his life when he grew up in Dublin. This wonderful walking tour is run by Oisín Ó’Nualláin who has extensive knowledge of the life and times of Oscar Wilde. Visit Wilde’s birthplace, his family home, the pub where he worked, the chemist he frequented, his alma mater Trinity College, and the spectacular sculpture that memorializes him in the city where he spent his formative years. “To get back my youth I would do anything in the world, except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable.”

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Highly recommended by Dublin Ulysses Tours.